Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter for Max is Pez dispensers!                                                 

A splendid Easter at Max & Quin's:  They were already very full of jelly beans when I arrived.  We sat outside and Jon came out and tried to tempt Quin to eat a little lox, like a papa bird bringing some delicious fish to his baby bird.  Quin pushed him back into the house and shut the glass door on him! No lox this year. 

We played UNO fiendishly. Bethia won the first hand and I gave my loser moan, while Max said, "Ha ha! She lives in my house." Max won the next hand. Max is a crocodile!

Quin was fully recovered from his terrible accident when he bit through his tongue, glad to say. And Max was recovered from his allergy testing.  Those boys have had a tough week!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday night.

Occasion:  Bethia (weary and dragged out with Quin's cold) had a PTA meeting at Max's school, attendance required, so lucky me! I get to spend an evening with the boys.
Quin's deeds: Happy Quin was a bit sick and whiny!  He did have the energy to laugh and play on the round lawn furniture his big brother put together for him. Also to dip his toothbrush in the dirt of his father's plants.
Max's deeds: Max beat me at 3 out of 5 Connect 4 games, nothing new there.
Max's sayings:  When Jon came home from his 12 hour shift at the hospital, he threw the boys up in the air and they laughed and laughed.  "Watch out!" Max said. "He's dangerous!" of his little brother, "And I  don't listen well!"

Max is not Batman. He is a bat!

Sunday: Brunch at The Hangar

Occasion: Bethia, Jon, Max, Quin, Jane, Marty & I had breakfast on The Hangar balcony.
What we did:  Looked at planes and helicopters taking off & ate banana pancakes and avocado & feta cheese omelettes.
Quin's deeds:  "Plane! Plane!" as he pointed to the sky, excited.
Max's deeds: As planes headed in toward the airport for a landing: "They're coming at me! They've got their cannon out! They're going to shoot!"
"Plane! Plane!" said Quin.

A very beautiful day.