Sunday, May 13, 2012

Max at his great grandmother's house on Mother's Day

On Sunday I went to my grammy travis's house. first we played beyblade. I won 5 times. Grammy travis won one time. I have seven beyblades. Then we went out side there was a spider web about 5 feet. And in the web was two bees and one spider. then it was luch time it was chicken with ketchup and sum fruit. The we played uno and grammy won one time. We had another game we did not finish the next game. then sara picked us up. She tot us a new game cold I spy transformers we saw motersicls and one black truck then we were at my grate grandma's house. I went strate out side I climbed 2 trees out in the patio while they were talking. I got out of the tree and started to throw fallen immature oranges. I tryed to catch lizards but I did not catch any. there were squirels but I did not try to catch them. I did not eat my desssert out side I ate it in side it was chocolate icecream.

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